Our Facility

The facility at Whitby Farms includes:

• 125ftx 245ft outdoor arena with sliding ground
   and set up for team roping

• 50ft round pen 6ft high

• Safe, spacious individual or group pens

• Show Barn - 4 10x 10 box stalls, 3 double tie stalls,
   2 tack rooms and office/lab

• Stallion Barn - 4 12x12 box stalls, 2 pipe breeding stocks
   and mounting dummy

• Heel O Matic, Flip (calf roping dummy) and a Robocow

A big thanks to Fred Thue Construction and his crew that did an amazing job on the arena.

Reece, Jake, Spencer, Brent, Kevin, Dan, Denly, Josh and Shawn.

We enjoyed meeting all of you and very much appreciate your hard work!