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Lindsay Smith & Spruce It Up Cinch

Amber Hansen & Jewel

Jeweldesignerwranglers & Courtney Epp

Pixie & Courtney Epp

Scott & Stoney - 2016 CCA Dogging Horse of the Year

Jane Corey & Katys Flingin Jewels

Tyler Getz & Jones Zees Jewels CCA Finals

Michelle Van Den Muetter and Picadillys Jewel - Heritage Classic Provincial Champs

Kobe Kmita & Cooper - National Jr. High School Finals Rodeo

Jane Sander & Juan Stylish Jewel SBRA 2015

Kelly Hiltz and Slide Me a Peso

Nitro & Jesse Lawes, Pro Steer Wrestling

Wranglin Jewels & Randi Loeppky SBRA 2015

Kelly Hiltz & Slide Me a Peso

Its Rein N Jewels - 2014 SBRA

Kobe Kmita and Lil Classy Jewel 2013/14 High School Rodeo

Ryan and Cora Guest and Sportin Fancy Jewels - 2014 Manitoba Rope Horse Futurity

Shauna and Its Rein N Jewels 2013 SBRA

Randi Loeppkey and Jewel 2013 SBRA

Kelsey Silvester and Boo 2013 SBRA

Carissa Gjertsen and Smartest Jewel Yet 2013 SBRA

Tyler and Jones Zees Jewels 2013

Tyler and Jonsey

Tyler and Jackpot

Tyler and Rupert heading for Doug and Jo

Tyler and Patsy

Shauna and Chic Out My Snip SBRA 2012

Lauren Silvester and Dellas Little Jewel SBRA 2012

Kelsey Silvester and Spruce It Up Cinch SBRA 2012

Shauna and Chic Out My Snip - Speedy Creek 2012

Sydney Pedersen and A Smokey Jewel SBRA 2012

Karlee Luchenski and Hez The Juan SBRA 2011

2011 Barrel Bonanza Finals 2011

Randi Loeppky and Wranglin Jewels 2011

Shauna and Chic Out My Snip 2011

Lauren Silvester and Boo 2011

Kelsey Silvester and Boo 2011

Tyler and Jonsey - Herbert Rodeo 2011

Tyler and Jonsey - Pilot Butte 2011

This Cowboys Lookin and Tyler - Arizona

Lauren Silvester and Spruce It Up Cinch

Karlee and Hez The Juan

Shauna and Smartie

Karlee Luchenski and Hez The Juan

Tyler on Hippo, heading for Doug

Tyler Getz and Dallas Kornfeild at Whitecap CCA Rodeo

Smartest Jewel Yet and Shauna

Jenna Cook and SJ THe Magnifisnip

Renee and Snipslidin Kid

Tyler Getz and Jones Zees Jewels