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Genuine Haida

2002 Sorrel Mare

Sold to Magnum V Performance Horses of Neepawa, MB

Haida was shown at the 2005 NCHA Futurity.

Mr San Peppy
Peppy San Badger
Sugar Badger
Haidas Little Pep Doc Bar
Doc's Haida
Teresa Tivio
Doc Bar
Genuine Doc
Genuine Roper Gay Bars Gen
Roper Boy
Ropers Last
Rio Nickel

Shauna and Haidas Accomplishments:

Frontier Days 2007
• 1st Novice Horse/Novice Rider
• 2nd Novice Horse/Novice Rider

Moose Jaw 2007 - 2nd Novice Horse Ranch
• 1st Novice Horse/Novice Rider
• 2nd Novice Horse/Novice Rider

2008 Winter Series
• $2,500 Novice Horse Ranch Co Champion
• $1,500 Novice Horse Ranch Champion

• Haidas Little Pep - $425,174 NCHA LTE, NCHA Platinum Award, NCHA Futurity Open Res.
   Champ NCHA Res. World Champion, 9 million+ Offspring LTE
• Genuine Roper - produced NCHA money earners and AQHA points earners
• Genuine Doc - $25,557 LTE, AQHA Res World Champion, NRHA Leading Sire,
   Offspring LTE $2 million+
• Docs Haida - Offspring LTE $940,956+, NCHA 7th in Top 100 All Time Mares, AQHA Champion, Superior in Cutting, 3x Youth World Champion Cutting, NCHA Non Pro Finals Res. Champ.
• Teresa Tivio - AQHA Points Earner
• Gay Bars Gen - NCHA Top Ten, 74 AQHA points, Cutting Champion
• Mr San Peppy - Superior in Cutting, 1974 NCHA World Champion
• Peppy San Badger - NCHA Hall of Fame
• Doc Bar - NCHA Hall of Fame, Race Money Earner, AQHA Halter Points, $100,000 NCHA LTE,
   3x NCHA World Champion

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